The Mission of Solid Black N Black, Inc. is to provide highly trained, professional, fully functional and insured security and protection specialists for an extensive range of specialized security services that will enable our clients to conduct their business safely, confidently and productively. 

Our Aim is giving total security solutions to both the public and private sectors and ensuring that our clients receive superior security and consultancy service second to none while giving the best service for the best price.

Our Commitment to our personnel and clients embark upon the spirit of continual improvement which is one of our policies and is reflected in every thing the Solid Black N Black, Inc. does. This in itself drives us to continually strive to improve our training, our services, our efficiency, and value for money for our clients.

  The company's staff has extensive experience in the close protection/ security industry, and have maintained excellent reputations in this same industry. In addition, the administrative staff is capable of handling the sales/management and finance/administration areas, respectively.
Our success in the bodyguard industry allowed us to expand our client base and build our business name into what it is known today. We are a full-service protection group that handles the bodyguard and security needs for individuals, events, retail stores, office and residential buildings and hotels.
As Solid Black N Black, Inc.  grows, it will take on close protection, event security and consulting work in related markets outside of Mississippi. It will also look for additional leverage by being a premier training facility for the close protection security industry.

Company Ownership

In 1999, A young man named Torrence Mayfield was working in the field of body guarding by providing services to local artists.  As Mr. Mayfield's clientele expanded, he saw the need to add three (3) men to become part of his team.  This new entity provided a multiple array of protective services in the entertainment industry and had prestigious repour with night clubs.  In 2001, Mr. Mayfield  began promoting his own company under the name Solid Black N Black.  Mr. Mayfield contracted with fourteen (14) men who were all highly trained in defensive areas of Taekwondo and Akeido.  Solid Black N Black became officially incorporated on November 6, 2003 and Western Surety Insurance Company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota bonds the company.