The Highest Level of Professionalism

Undoubtedly safe and secure

Solid Black N Black offers a distinctive array of protection services. We provide specialized services for individuals and venues such as: special event/concert security, VIP personal protection with armed and unarmed agents, limousine and escort service, crowd control. A reliable and courteous enforcement staff is necessary to promote the highest level of professionalism.

Step 1:
Analyze situations quickly and objectively to determine the proper course of action.

Step 2:
Approach firmly, courteously, tactfully, and with the respect of others.

Step 3:
Exemplify a high degree of self-discipline.

Step 4:
Defend ourselves without violation of rules and regulations of the state and local government.

Doormen/ VIP Controller


Solid Black N Black promotes the highest level of security maintenance possible.. We enforce the rules and regulations of the city, state, and the facility which we will serve. We preserve the peace, which provides a safe environment, reduce fear, reduce crimanal acts. Solid Black N Black will maintain the highest level of enforcement and professionalism in all it's actions to provide an undoubtedly safe and secure service to all clients of Solid Black N Black specialized services.

Solid Black N Black is commited to maintaining an effective, reliable, and high quality enforcement officer. We are committed to ensuring the highest level of professionalism in an on-going program of education for our personnel.

The reputation that Solid Black N Black holds is second to none and we can asure that the service rendered is a job well done. We demonstrate the finest quality of work, with the hope that you will join the list of the many satisfied customers we have served.

Solid Black N Black will analyze your personal needs and financial goals and come up with a coverage plan that will provide you with more than adequate protection for yourself and your event or venue.

Investigative Services

Solid Black N Black, Inc. provides Investigative Services to schools, law firms, accounting firms, and other public and private entities.

Our Investigative Services include:

  • Criminal Investigation
  • Matrimonial Investigation
  • Background Investigation
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Insurance Claims, Insurance Liability, Insurance Fraud
  • Skip Tracing
  • Undercover Services
  • Stalker Investigations
Our personnel is comprised from high level law enforcement, elite forces of the military, high level martial artists, training specialists, and a select professionals who specialize in their field.

Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis

The purpose of the Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis is to identify, assess and manage persons, groups, and situations that may pose a threat to our clients.

Our advance agents or teams secure your home, office, boat, plane, leisure areas, as well as your hotel, restaurants, vehicle and travel routes of every location being visited. From these surveys, the agents determine manpower, equipment, vehicles, travel route and each and every detail that the Personal Protection Specialists can utilize in providing security to our clients.